Stump Grinding in Fleming Island, FL

Stump Grinding in Green Cove Springs, FLThe only efficient way to remove a stump after a tree is removed is with a stump grinding machine. Once the stump is ground, the shavings/grindings will be left in the hole unless told otherwise. We do offer the option of topsoil in place of the shavings/grindings at an additional charge. If you would like to plant a new tree in its place, we are happy to provide that service as well. Be sure to discuss these options with the estimator/arborist.

It will be necessary to contact 811 to check for underground utilities before stump grinding in Fleming Island, FL, but no worries, we take care of this for you.

Wood Chips

We do not stockpile wood chips, but we do have them available regularly, and they are free for the taking. They work great at reducing weed growth, retaining soil moisture, improving the health of the soil, and it enhances the appearance of your yard. Simply call the office, put in a request and we will call you when we have some available for drop off.