Stump Grinding 

Slow Precise Stump Grinding Process Takes Patience

After the tree is removed the stump remains, the only efficient way to remove the stump is with a stump grinding machine. Usually the stump is ground out to a depth of about 20” below ground. Once the stump is ground out the shavings and grindings will remain in the hole. If you would like to plant a new tree in its place, we are happy to provide that service. Be sure to discuss this with the estimator/arborist.

It may be necessary to contact 811 to check for underground utilities before we remove the stump. This could delay the removal for a few days.

Some of the important reasons to have your stumps ground down to wood chips are:  

  • We can leave the chips behind for you to use as excellent mulch to place around your flower beds and bushes. 
  • The stumps are ground to below the dirt top level. We will make sure you can hardly tell where there was ever a tree on the spot the stump was located.
  • It is best to take out diseased tree stumps because they will attack bugs that feed off trees, can be unsightly within your landscape, and can be a potential harzard for tripping.



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